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∙ Essential Services ∙

New Patient Exams

Complete Exam, Dental X-rays (if required), Scaling & Polish (~45mins), recommendations on how to take care of your teeth

Emergency Services

Tooth Pain, Broken Tooth or Filling, Tooth Extractions, Swollen Gums, and more.  If you have a dental emergency, call us right away to schedule a same-day emergency appointment.

Early Detection & Prevention

Low-Dose X-rays, Dental Sealants, Fluoride Treatment and Remineralization of Early Dental Caries.  Catch them early and avoid the drill.  We recommend regular check-ups (Frequency of check-ups will be based on risk assessment made after every check-up)

Recall & Maintenance

Keep your teeth AND gums healthy with regular check-ups and maintenance.  Problems detected early can usually be solved more easily with less invasive treatments.  

∙ Cosmetic Services ∙

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your teeth for a more youthful smile.  Teeth whitening procedures are the most recommended treatment for patients looking to enhance their smile.  In-office and take-home options are available that are safe, effective, and won't cause any harm or damage to your teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding & Recontouring

Close gaps, reshape, enlarge, or lengthen teeth with resin composites that are custom colour matched and bonded onto your teeth with no drilling or numbing in 1 appointment for a conservative transformative smile makeover.


Enjoy the look and feel of well-aligned teeth and smile with confidence.  Straighten your teeth and look great doing it with Invisalign "invisible" clear aligners.  We order your aligners using the iTero® intraoral scanner, which means no more messy, uncomfortable impressions for the best experience possible.

Porcelain Veneers

When major esthetic alterations are needed, porcelain veneers are the ideal esthetic option.  Our veneer treatment philosophy is the grind away as little of your teeth as possible.  With current stronger materials, we can now make our porcelain veneers up to 0.4mm thin.

∙ Restorative Dentistry ∙

Tooth Colored Fillings 

Used to restore small and moderately sized defects and cavities of the teeth


For the restoration of teeth with larger defects and to protect severely compromised teeth at risk of fracture.  Restorations are made with all-ceramic materials for a natural final result.


For the restoration and ultimate protection of severely damaged and compromised teeth.  Offers full 360 degree coverage of the underlying tooth.  All-ceramic, metal ceramic, and full gold options are available based on your need.  

Dental Implants

We have in-house CBCT (3D X-ray) and implant digital planning software for safe and predictable implant placement.  We use reputable and well-established brands which are Nobel Biocare and BioHorizons Dental Implant System.

All our dental lab works are made locally in Hong Kong or sent internationally to Master Ceramists to ensure the best esthetics, quality, and safety for you.

∙ Other ∙

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Remove tilted or horizontal or incompletely erupted wisdom teeth with an Oral Surgeon Specialist - By appointment only.

Treatment of Gum Recession

Gum grafting procedures are now available at our clinic and is the ideal way to cover exposed dental root surfaces caused by gum recession.  Now you can finally say goodbye to long-looking teeth and tooth sensitivity.  

Advanced Dental Implants &
Bone Grafting

When there is not enough bone to place an implant, bone grafting can be done to increase bone support for a dental implant.  Dr. Leung works with expert surgeons for bone grafting and advanced dental implant surgery to achieve the best outcomes for you when you do not have enough bone.  

Esthetic Gum Surgery 

Because a smile is not all about the teeth.  Sometimes, to improve a smile, excess gum tissue need to be removed for a well-balanced smile with optimal "pink esthetics"

Ask how we can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.  

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